Sunday, May 10, 2015

Counting Stars

Jeanne was an amazing person who was a teacher, wife, mother, weaver and knitter. Unfortunately, she passed away unexpectedly this week.

Jeanne was such a great addition to our SnB group, bringing so many beautiful projects she had knitted or wove:

 photo jeanne august 2009_zps71blzjte.jpg

 photo knit lamp cover_zps7qrqx0ww.jpg

 photo jeanne 2010_zpswgk9mvud.jpg

 photo jeanne feb 2010_zpsucsgq7hu.jpg

Jeanne was the most unflappable individual I'd ever met. Even on the congested streets of Chicago, she kept her cool and made jokes to keep the rest of us distracted.

 photo chicago 2008_zps1busnjkb.jpg

She took a trip with me once, and since we were drivng in an era before cell phones and GPS devices, I got us astoundingly lost. Through it all, Jeanne kept her calm and cool. She talked about her life as a teacher, about astronomy (which I'm hopeless in but find fascinating) and the probability of life in the vastness of our universe. I learned a lot on that trip from Jeanne, and laughed quite a bit, too.

I'm so glad I was able to see her and spend time knitting with her in April, it had been such a long time since we'd met up due to our schedules.

I hope she finds she was right about the amount of stars in our universe.

 photo jeanne_zpsdzhzayjx.jpg