Saturday, March 30, 2013

Self Shaming

Here is the line of knitting shame:

 photo IMG_4845_zpsfcc24b35.jpg

I have so many projects just started to half completed. And the past few weeks have been stupid with the long hours for work and another project I've got going on at home which obviously doesn't include knitting.

The aran wrap:

 photo IMG_4852_zps250cf85e.jpg

My cashmere hand warmers:

 photo IMG_4848_zps1a380d33.jpg

The mittens for a friend, start of mitten 1:

 photo IMG_4853_zps6a53b8e7.jpg

 photo IMG_4854_zpsdc5bc2f8.jpg

My shrug from local alpaca yarn:

 photo IMG_4847_zpsa3d0e77d.jpg

And the replacement scarf for my aunt (the other one frayed into bits and pieces):

 photo IMG_4859_zps47b93a23.jpg

 photo IMG_4862_zps29bd5438.jpg

So what does one do when one is faced with so many WIPs? Buy more yarn:

 photo yak1_zpsbaf07af3.jpg

 photo yak4_zps14ae8ff2.jpg

 photo yak3_zps4c5802f3.jpg

 photo yak2_zps85228db6.jpg

 photo yakstack_zps5cee3251.jpg

And plot the next project to start...

What? How long have you been reading this blog not to have seen that coming?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

 photo reorg2_zps790a1f27.jpg

But not with knitting!

First, I finally graduated with my Master of Science degree - YAY!

Second, things have been a bit off for me lately, so knitting has taken a bit of break.

Third, I've begun the final purge and re-organization of my crap. The big push today is to clean out my storage closet where old papers and files, along with holiday stuff lurk. And assorted other crap. It's like Tetris from moving Hell in my living room right now. And even when I'm done repacking most of the stuff today, I've boxes of paperwork and files to go through and shred. Damn it.

To distract you from boring, here's the Tank.

 photo 894059_617010961648216_651920810_o_zpsa67d1788.jpg