Monday, January 27, 2014

FO x2

Now that the recipients have their thank you gifts, I can show them off here.

Thank You Gift Scarf #1

 photo img_5489_zps09653bbb_medium_zps49bc02f3.jpg

 photo img_5485_zpsdb208701_medium_zps19affb24.jpg

 photo img_5492_zps115bb749_medium_zpse14e0431.jpg

US 8 - 5.0 mm

Knitting Fever Tricor Lux

How much?
52 yards, 200 grams 2 skeins = 52.0 yards (47.5m)


Dye lot

Purchased at
Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno, Nevada

* * * * *

Thank You Gift Scarf #2 (knit in two pieces)

It started out beautifully...

 photo photo_zps567e4d0e.jpg

I have no idea what the hell happened that I thought about putting ribbed knitting going horizontal on this piece of the scarf. I blame the bad plumbing virus and fever.

 photo photo3_zpsdb924ba1.jpg

For gods' sakes, 2x2 ribbing.

 photo photo1_zps54fe9fa5.jpg

Thankfully, I snapped out of it and frogged the ribbing. It worked out kind of alright...

 photo IMG_5501_zps8b76d378.jpg

 photo IMG_5502_zps1b5cb1f2.jpg

 photo IMG_5507_zps95b02cf6.jpg

 photo IMG_5523_zps9987bf90.jpg

 photo photo21_zps4f81b8bd.jpg

 photo photo11_zps08adfb54.jpg

US 8 - 5.0 mm

Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash

How much?
330 yards, 150 grams 1.5 skeins = 330.0 yards (301.8m)


Purchased at
Knit & Knot in Bettendorf, Iowa

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Making A Dent

I finished one after the holidays gift. I can't show it until it's shipped off to its owner. But here's the yarn I used:

 photo photo4_zps955a34f9.jpg

Next up is a scarf/shawl in Cascade 220, it'll be simple, warm, tidy in a lovely dark iris color:

 photo IMG_5495_zps5bfcbb13.jpg

Meanwhile, I'm watching the Nature documentary on Lipizzaner Stallions. Tank wants me to know that basset herds have eluded humans for centuries with their sheer cunning and napping abilities to avoid such rigorous training. Then she went back to napping.

 photo IMG_5500_zps5b048277.jpg

Saturday, January 04, 2014

First FO of 2014!

It's supposed to hit a low overnight on Sunday/Monday of -21F degrees here. Our normal low is usually 0F to -5F degrees. Mother Nature has been honked off at us since October around here.

What extreme cold drives me to do... Re-purpose, reduce, reuse, recycle. My watch words for fiber as well as other goods.

Since I knew frigid weather was coming up, I took out a scarf I had knit up back in October 2013 (thank you, Ravelry for the date help!), and frogged it. (I'd worn it a total of 2x last year.) And then reknit it shorter and wider than I had done before:

 photo IMG_4330.jpg

Then I dug around in my stash for the last remaining bits of my precious ggh Cashmere (aran weight) I've had since 2007, and crocheted a bit around the scarf and on the ends. Then I basted on a rabbit scarf that had only seen the light of day about 1x per year (and then carefully stored away the rest of time) since it was gifted to me several years ago.

 photo photo2_zps140e4e37.jpg

After basting it on the edge, I went back and crocheted around the edge with the remaining ggh yarn. (The rabbit ain't going nowhere until I remove it!)

 photo photo1_zps1b576f68.jpg

The result is a beautiful, warm, three kinds of exquisite soft going on. And damn it, I'm worth it.

 photo photo5_zps19fa86ba.jpg

* * *

US 9 - 5.5 mm

- - -
Classic Elite Yarns MountainTop Chalet

How much?
196 yards, 100 grams 2 skeins = 196.0 yards (179.2m)


Purchased at
Home Ec Workshop in Iowa City, Iowa

- - -

GGH Cashmere

How much?
128 yards, 50 grams 2 skeins = 128.0 yards (117.0m)


Purchased at
The Yarn Shoppe
January 6, 2007