Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dead. Dead. Dead. Oh, Pretty!

This pattern is dead to me.

 photo IMG_5128_zpsc0533809.jpg

I paid for a lesson in crochet to do this pattern. Upon getting about 3% into the pattern, I thought I was going to lose my mind. It was all written out in long-hand. No chart.
I can't believe I paid for a complex pattern without inquring if it was charted.

I conferred with people who know these sorts of things, and basically it was agreed upon that it was written like an Algebraic word problem.

I loathe Algebra.

Done. Dead. Gone.

I've gone on to Plan B with my crochet tutor. I believe it will *not* end in tears.

Meanwhile, I bought yarn to cheer me up - from Knit & Knot:

 photo IMG_5136_zps496bdedc.jpg

It's going to be a crocheted and knitted rectangle shawl for me. I love the Plymouth Baby Alpaca, as always, soft and lush. What surprised me was being stupid with yarn lust over the bling Tiara yarn (colorway: Iris Blue).

 photo IMG_5137_zps53002b76.jpg

 photo IMG_5139_zps34ff5ccc.jpg

 photo IMG_5138_zps490b4e04.jpg

So. Pretty.

 photo IMG_5142_zps0cc8298c.jpg

 photo IMG_5141_zpsa0c9ed71.jpg

 photo IMG_5140_zps5e71e96e.jpg

Also, I found this at Knit & Knot. Cool, no?

 photo IMG_5132_zps37486223.jpg

 photo IMG_5134_zps4642f5ad.jpg

 photo IMG_5135_zps620a3854.jpg

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Abandon All Hope

It arrived.

 photo IMG_5123_zpsdc748f83.jpg

 photo IMG_5127_zps00de9f3c.jpg

I always get so silly-happy to see the Royal Mail stamp!

 photo IMG_5125_zps63733492.jpg

What this does *not* say is "crochet pattern of doom for a knitter - turn back now!"

 photo IMG_5126_zps180bdfea.jpg

So nicely and neatly packaged and on beautiful paper stock:

 photo IMG_5128_zpsc0533809.jpg

 photo IMG_5129_zpsae667953.jpg

And there are *five* pages and *no* charts. I'm pretty sure in there are the shorthand phrases for "weep uncontrollably at your knitter's I-want-to-learn-to-crochet-the-most-difficult-pattern-right-out-of-the-gate enthusiasm," followed by "take sewing needle and poke out own eyes for your idiocy." This is what I imagine the pattern will look like after I'm done weeping and gnashing my teeth (also? It's copyrighted material, no looksies):

 photo IMG_5130_zps8ca53eff.jpg

The yarn is wound, the project bag is stocked.

I'm going in...

Monday, May 27, 2013


Iris the Gourmet Monster is going with me on the trip out West to our new home this fall. Iris is in need of a traveling companion because, quite honestly, Sumo Sheep tends to be distracted too easily by shiny stuff.

Enter the next project on the needles: Zombie Monkey

 photo IMG_5117_zps76124894.jpg

 photo IMG_5119_zps11de489b.jpg

 photo IMG_5120_zpsf1e2460c.jpg

While Iris approves:

 photo IMG_5122_zps49d1bb06.jpg

Tank snores on...

 photo IMG_5121_zps61167a52.jpg

It's Just About Cold Enough

The mitts I began in February are finally finished!

 photo IMG_5115_zps0aeb0294.jpg

 photo IMG_5116_zps30170866.jpg

* * *

Needles: US 5 - 3.75 mm

Yarn: GGH Cashmere

How much? 3 skeins = 192 yards

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time To Learn Something

It's been 3 months since I finished my master's degree program.

In addition to brushing up on my Spanish language skills (mis habilidades son pobres), I've decided to increase my knowledge of crocheting.

I can do the basics of crochet. Nothing elaborate, just some trim on knitting projects or a very simple crocheted wrap or scarf.

Now, I want to do this bad boy. I know. I'm practically a basket of crazy snakes for jumping into a complicated pattern immediately.

It's going to take some patience, swearing, and hand holding by an expert to get me through this project.

I bought the supplies:

 photo IMG_5107_zps2234ca47.jpg

 photo IMG_5112_zps27cf59aa.jpg

 photo IMG_5108_zps08094702.jpg

 photo IMG_5109_zps103adbb5.jpg

 photo IMG_5110_zpsf6553796.jpg

I couldn't resist a new project bag:

 photo IMG_5106_zpsc3bccad3.jpg

Out And About

 photo 472646_642595739089738_1794894387_o_zpsbe5f3568.jpg

So, I came home from my long weekend in April out West. Two weeks later, I was flying back out with the Child O' Mine for my graduation celebration and her belated birthday gift of a trip to L.A.

There was custom boozy bundt cake:

 photo 295298_642170059132306_631286319_n_zpsb6b18c4a.jpg

Breakfast at the West Hollywood Farmers Market:

 photo 253236_642169999132312_1827123135_n_zps15ffedeb.jpg

There was hat shopping:

 photo 922980_642169965798982_1913284634_n_zps3132ea0d.jpg

 photo 182343_642170005798978_1886957609_n_zps1dfec58b.jpg

Walks in rose gardens:

 photo 935764_642169085799070_1641907675_n_zpsa68ce882.jpg

Taking in the sights:

 photo 944421_642169045799074_1346207096_n_zps1f04e6a2.jpg

 photo 284143_642169829132329_1967834134_n_zps1a096d2f.jpg

There was bonding with nature and wild life:

 photo 11741_642169939132318_303310197_n_zps121b48a9.jpg

And stunning vistas:

 photo 944325_642169212465724_583870766_n_zps74d9e3f7.jpg

Visits to various beaches:

 photo 936854_642169519132360_1497491928_n_zpse5e1a3b9.jpg

 photo 65595_642169392465706_561065482_n_zps74eb06ff.jpg

 photo 197705_642169699132342_718518504_n_zps8cd40e3a.jpg

Rides ridden:

 photo 247167_642169762465669_403101539_n_zps8f5b754f.jpg

Some graduating:

 photo 472624_641587219190590_1206199924_o_zps74ee9a8c.jpg

And loads of pool time:

 photo 466577_642595015756477_667836772_o_zpsf840fefd.jpg

All in all, it was a fabulous time with some of my favorite people!