Friday, June 28, 2013

Reassess, Decide, Move Forward

So. Now that things are rolling forward with the change in life plans for me, time to review the queue.

I've decided to go with this little project because I want to knit a sweater. It's for the Child O'Mine. And now that the luscious yarn has arrived, I think I'll break out the needles this weekend.

 photo IMG_5243_zpsc37a0dff.jpg

 photo IMG_5251_zpsd715711d.jpg

 photo IMG_5250_zps1c4aac3e.jpg

Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Well, there it is."

 photo no_zps3b588671.jpg

No new home out West.

Due to a family situation, I'm needed here.

This is the fourth time in my life I've tried to move out West, only to have a situation that required a heartfelt, soul searching meditation on what is the right thing to do.

If I was that sort of person, I would think the universe feels the West isn't for me.

At least there's always vacations to look forward to...

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I think all yarn should come wrapped like the gift it is...

 photo IMG_5188_zps622f8006.jpg

 photo IMG_5187_zps2d08d0bd.jpg

All my angora is here, now to await the arrival of the merino that will be carried with it when I knit the shrug.

 photo IMG_5189_zpsfc5352b5.jpg

The Shrug of Soft Happy.

You read it right, The Shrug of Soft Happy. (Listen, name your clothes whatever the hell you want, but my shrug will be the envy of all who wish to roll naked upon it and are denied!) It's going to be so light and soft, like dandelion puffs being carried away on the whispers of the wish you make on them.

Monday, June 10, 2013

One Less Secret

Angora. In all the exotic fiber yarns that are out there, I've adored angora since I was very young. One of my aunts had an angora cardigan that I would pet until I was covered in shed angora fur. And I admit it. I've always wanted an angora sweater.

So, why haven't I made my adoration (fine, *lust*) for angora known? I thought it was so ultra-feminine and so not me in terms of what I like to wear (jeans, button-down Oxford shirts, loafers). I decided that I'm not going to be young and cute forever, so I best get my angora-wearing on before it's too late.

I found the pattern.

I found the color of yarn I wanted for the body (sky blue) and for the cuffs and possible edging (fawn).

 photo IMG_5156_zps6bec65f6.jpg

 photo IMG_5155_zpse6dbdfe7.jpg

 photo IMG_5154_zps6bb49129.jpg

 photo IMG_5153_zps30d4a861.jpg

 photo IMG_5151_zps42a85204.jpg

 photo IMG_5149_zps7f88c6ad.jpg

 photo IMG_5146_zps00fc1ba8.jpg

 photo IMG_5143_zps29d896b8.jpg

Of course, this is in the queue, I'm just not going to have the time to knit it before I move this fall.

Also? I know I may resemble a yeti with no fashion sense when I wear this shrug, and I don't give a damn.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Summer Of "Damn It! I'm Going To Finish This, Even If It Kills Me!"

After conversing with persons, doing a pattern search, and after some guidance, going back to the original pattern I started out with, I've got the Scottish wool going back on the needles this week:

Meanwhile, everything else is on hold. This includes Zombie Monkey. Of course, if I need a break from the cabled shawl, the monkey's going to be the first one to get pulled into action.

My goal is to have the shawl done by mid-August.

Then it's Zombie Monkey time.

Also? I may have, sort of, fallen into purchasing some of this yarn for a shrug, in the powder blue colorway.