Thursday, November 12, 2015

Darling Boy

Sweetheart, you were such a lovely young man, wickedly funny and bright that could reduce me to tears with laughter. You only mocked me gently for my terrible crochet, and quite generous in my awful results when trying to spin with a wheel.

It was such a privilege to be your friend and knit fun things for you and with you.

Be at peace, love. You'll be so greatly missed.

 photo IMG_0118.jpg

 photo IMG_0120.jpg

 photo IMG_1524.jpg

Friday, October 23, 2015

It Must Be Fall, Chickens Wearing Sweater Vests and Scarves

So a friend of mine has been torturing me with this fixation she has about chickens who are molting and in "need" of sweater vests. Now, I've knit various items for various organizations to help out those in need...but I draw the line at animal clothing. I knit one dog sweater and ol' Chesty McChesty Tank blew it out, so that's that.

Recently, I needed someone to care for said Tank the Sweater Killer, and my friend was kind enough to offer her home and her time to watch after the girl.

So I broke down and knit a chicken sweater vest and scarve. In my friend's favorite colors. But it was a stuffed animal chicken. I would have *totally* bought a real chicken for her, but for some reason her city doesn't appreciate well-dressed poultry.

 photo c1_zps7f4pqbhw.jpg

 photo c2_zpszupniv4m.jpg

 photo c3_zpsddfmmuxq.jpg

 photo c4_zpsoizwzmh0.jpg

 photo c5_zpsqhdgjtcr.jpg

 photo c6_zpsocdynvbl.jpg

* * *
Vest is made out of cotton yarn from KnitPicks: Dishie Multi
Scarf is made out of woool yarn: Cascade 220, color is pumpkin

Monday, September 07, 2015

Late Summer Startitis

Not that I don't have enough projects to keep myself busy, but I decided I wanted to knit myself something for this fall and winter.

It was a toss up between socks or a hat, and the hat won. And y'all know I like a good hat pattern! So I went spelunking in Ravelry and came up with Acadia. Just charming design and affordable, and I do enjoy those cable/texture knits, too.

The next step was deciding the color(s) for the winter hat, and since I have blue winter accessories, I poked around my storage tub and noticed I have no hat for my red and black accessories (my beloved cashmere scarf and cashmere hand warmers). Red and black Malabrigo Rios (super wash) was the ticket. So off I went knitting a wool hat during one of the hottest weeks of the summer. (Praise to the invention of AC!)

 photo 11951296_1144422868907020_5260573629881714701_n_zpsq6llyvop.jpg

 photo 11988320_1144422915573682_8658840679704246856_n_zps2ajcj11o.jpg

 photo 11998841_1144422968907010_317263337071998009_n_zpsnwkxvd0j.jpg


It's not quite finished, it's been washed and now blocked and drying. Once it's dry, I'll stitch up together the liner with the cabled band.

I followed the suggestion of the designer and went down two inches for the size due to how it’s supposed to fit (rather snug). It fits beautifully for the circumference as suggested by the designer. However, due to the shape of my head, I added another 1/4” to the hat before decreasing for the crown (size 4 in the pattern).

* * *

US 6 - 4.0 mm

Yarn used
241 yards, 1.15 skeins

Malabrigo Yarn Rios
0.65 skeins = 136.5 yards (124.8 meters), 65 grams
Colorway: 611 Ravelry Red

Purchased at
Knit & Knot in Bettendorf, Iowa

Malabrigo Yarn Rios
0.5 skeins = 105.0 yards (96.0 meters), 50 grams
Colorway: Black

Purchased at
Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno, Nevada

Monday, August 17, 2015

So Many Days Later, So Little Knitting

The hell. The last time I remember it was June, wait, July? This is what starting a different job will do to you...

Anyway, knitting has fallen to the side while I get used to the new gig. I've been fixated on Time Team with Tony Robinson ("Baldrick" from Blackadder series) videos on YouTube when I get off work and I'm perfecting my yoga form called "slug." Or my face has been buried in a book.

I'm not feeling the knitting because I've also reknit this same bit of yarn four freaking times now. It's going to be, some day, some way, a wrap for a friend of mine. I've tried several different patterns and then fell back to the standard:

Row 1 - K2tog, YO to end
Rows 2-4 - knit all

It's nothing terribly exciting, but I found I actually knit about 3 repeats while watching the Time Team last night as they dug up the grounds around some of Britain's royal palaces.

Here, stitchmarker pr0n shot for you. My glass sheep:

Meanwhile, I'm no longer angry with the Shark Hat I tried to knit earlier this year. Then there's the Steelers hat for another friend I want to get to her before football season really gets underway... And I've a pair of thrummed mittens I want to cast on in the next few weeks for a friend. I'd like her to have them before May 2016. And for some reason, I was stroking the sock yarn for a pair of socks this winter for me...remember this skein?

Yeah, I know. We'll see what actually happens in the next few months.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Already?

Truth be told, some days I wake up and seriously wonder if it's May or July around here due to the unusually cool temps we've had again this year. Not nearly as frigid as last year, and the storms have been less severe and frequent. So I'm not knocking it as my AC bill would have me contemplating a diet of Top Ramen.

On to the knitting!

Since I ended 20 years in administrative assistant work at the end of May and began a new gig in healthcare in early June, I've not much time for knitting. I straggle along with my reknitting of the cashmere and camel yarn from a decade ago, the shawl I've started for someone languishes in its Ziploc sleeping bag in the work basket, and the mittens aren't even on the needles for that other friend.

But I did whip out a baby sweater for a new arrival due in a few weeks to one of my favorite people!

I went with the six month size indicated on the pattern, the child may have a large brain case as her daddy did when he was born. If not, it'll be a nice fall sweater. I'm not sure I'll make this pattern again. It was easy to follow, quick to finish, but squirmy babies and pullovers are a pain in the ass. I'll go back to the cardigan pattern after this one.

It's for a baby girl and since I'm not one to conform to society determined "traditional" gender-colors (pink/blue), I chose a hand-dyed silver lavendar color for the main body, and a deep teal blue for the color and stripes. Yeah, I didn't follow the pattern for using one color for the whole sweater either. (You're not the boss of me!)

 photo sw1_zpsgqqiftyp.jpg

 photo sw2_zpsik1rkavi.jpg

 photo collar_zps905hor7y.jpg

The stripes are made up of the teal yarn carried with a thinner silk/rayon yarn that have glass seed beads, and I was told by the company I bought them from, stated that the beads are on a rayon thread tested to 200 lbs. If that baby can manage to rip those beads off, the couple have a sumo wrestler on their hands!

 photo sw3_zpsikzpf0l1.jpg

* * * * *
US 7 - 4.5 mm

Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted Onesies

Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi)

How much?
0.9 skeins = 189.0 yards (172.8 meters)


Purchased at
Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno, Nevada

Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple

How much?
0.1 skeins = 26.0 yards (23.8 meters), 10 grams

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Counting Stars

Jeanne was an amazing person who was a teacher, wife, mother, weaver and knitter. Unfortunately, she passed away unexpectedly this week.

Jeanne was such a great addition to our SnB group, bringing so many beautiful projects she had knitted or wove:

 photo jeanne august 2009_zps71blzjte.jpg

 photo knit lamp cover_zps7qrqx0ww.jpg

 photo jeanne 2010_zpswgk9mvud.jpg

 photo jeanne feb 2010_zpsucsgq7hu.jpg

Jeanne was the most unflappable individual I'd ever met. Even on the congested streets of Chicago, she kept her cool and made jokes to keep the rest of us distracted.

 photo chicago 2008_zps1busnjkb.jpg

She took a trip with me once, and since we were drivng in an era before cell phones and GPS devices, I got us astoundingly lost. Through it all, Jeanne kept her calm and cool. She talked about her life as a teacher, about astronomy (which I'm hopeless in but find fascinating) and the probability of life in the vastness of our universe. I learned a lot on that trip from Jeanne, and laughed quite a bit, too.

I'm so glad I was able to see her and spend time knitting with her in April, it had been such a long time since we'd met up due to our schedules.

I hope she finds she was right about the amount of stars in our universe.

 photo jeanne_zpsdzhzayjx.jpg

Friday, April 24, 2015

Yeah, That Lasted Two Months

Remember that great plan I had to plot out gift knitting which I created back at the beginning of the year?

History, baby.

So much going on at home and work, just fell so far behind my own goal objectives that I began to resent the existence of sheep.


I had to do something to get the merino love back, so I cleaned up the list and made it more humane for me.

I'm now going to snack on cheese and almonds, and contemplate how I'm going to wrangle that fucking shark hat pattern into a presentable finished object.

Meanwhile, Tank With Knitted Lace non-still life for you.

 photo tank with knitted lace_zpspbbt9kb2.jpg