Monday, January 28, 2013

Head West

I finally made it to California for a visit. A quick trip to see friends in Phoenix turned into a road trip to LA and Santa Monica.

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And yes, I plan to visit again.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

About Time

So, one of my favorite people brought some yarn back from a business trip to Scotland years ago. (Seriously, *years* ago.) I have been holding on to it, to knit something out of it for her at her request.

To date, we've gone through four different patterns and finally settled on one last year. As things are finally coming to completion with my internship/clinical hours as well as my classes, changes will be coming up. This includes finally getting this project on a set of needles.





Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm not sure if I smacked a llama, booted an alpaca, or yelled at a kashmir goat in a former life...or maybe I accidentally ate a vicuña or guanaco in a former life. Karma kicks me in the ass every single time I try to knit lace projects, no matter how simple.

It began with this gorgeous yarn: Wolf Creek Wool's Bliss yarn.


To knit this rather simple, lovely shawl: Tuch / shawl *SunsetXL* by Birgit Freyer.

First attempt: I couldn't figure out the charting because I was over-thinking it. I needed no less than three of the fierce women of the SnB to explain it to me.

Second attempt: I knit with size 4US needles. So tight, I can't tell the stitches from one another. So I went up to size 5US needles. Still kind of tight, but I can work with it.

Third attempt: In trying to figure out the lace pattern on the edge, I re-read the pattern info on Ravelry, and realize I should be knitting these on size 7US needles.


Sunday, January 06, 2013

First FO of 2013

C'est fini!

I ran out of needle space even using my 32" and 40" SNA circs. However, it is lovely.


I only did a severe block on the center lacy bit:


* * *
US 9 - 5.5 mm

Debbie Macomber Blossom Street Collection Cashmere Fleur De Lys

How much?
6 skeins = 558.0 yards (510.2m)


Purchased at
Jimmy Beans Wool

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


About time that 2012 fucked off. It was a terrible year for too many of my friends and family. And 2013, we're expecting better from you.

The knitting was about on target for what I wanted to complete in 2012, even with a few unexpected knitting requests:

January 9 - Friend's Crocheted Scarf
January 15 - Friend's Knitted Scarf
January 22 - Thankful Scarf
February 5 - The Guy's Socks
February 26 - Gift Scarf
April 19 - Swirly Cap
May 15 - Lace Cap
June 5 - Sharky the Mittens
June 21 - Dead Fish Hat I
July 22 - Dead Fish Hat II
October 14 - Two Color Cardigan
October 20 - Reward Scarf
November 2 - Ridged Helmet Hat
November 16 - Just A Hat
December 9 - Simply Lovely Shawl
December 18 - K-all Scarf

The knitting project right now is the Slightly Beyond Basic Wrap I'm knitting for a colleague:






The projects that I have slated for the rest of winter/spring:

*Treads (mine)

Tuch/Shawl (Lucy)

*Slightly Beyond Basic Wrap (Steph)

*Cloisonne (Doreen)

Shark Hat (Rose)

*Hot (mine)

Steelers Hat (Karen)

Dead Fish Hat III (Cathy)

Princess Scarf (Seneca)

Aran Cable Wrap (Elaine)

*In progress