Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Goat?

I think we all knew I would end up here.

First there had been that post I did about the astounding $300 ball of vicuna.

Then Franklin Habit posted a brief mention about his score of vicuna at a fiber fest where he was teaching. I was a goner when I hit the link in his post.

Thankfully, I purchased Tank's treats and food for the next month before purchasing these two skeins from Hickory Ridge Farms for their paco-vicuna. Even though these beautiful yarns were *well* below the $300 yarn, it was still pricey. Good thing mama enjoys her toast and tea...




If you're in the market for gorgeous, exotic, exquisitely soft yarn then I cannot recommend highly enough Hickory Ridge Farms paco-vicuna. Gloria was a peach to work with via email, the yarns arrived tout de suite, and were everything more than I expected (thanks, Gloria!).

Oh, the project? There's going to be two of them.

Scarf #1

Scarf #2

I'm not abandoning the wee cashmere goats, especially at the price for the vicuna, but damn this yarn is so gorgeous and soft.