Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FO #23: Earwrap in Cashmere II

The first one was too small for my big head, so a friend of mine received it as a gift.

This one was also done very quickly, with a few changes: I cast on 82 (not 78) stitches, and knit those stitches at the end of each round. I used size 7 US needles (not size 4, not size 6) on 20" circs (not 16" circs).

Much better...



* * * *
The down and dirty details:

Yarn(s): ggh Cashmere (aran weight)

Pattern: Dragon Scales

Purchased: The Yarn Shoppe, Davenport

Needles: size 7 US

Time: for me - 4 hours; for most knitters, 2-3 hours

* * * *