Friday, October 18, 2013

Bang A Boomerang

I've got ABBA on the brain tonight, sorry. Anyway...

Remember these? The Cloisonée Mittens I began earlier this year?

 photo mitts1_zps2e3773e2.jpg

I haven't banished them, I've been fiddling around with them about once every two months trying to figure out why they were so, well, fiddly. Reason: Main color is a yarn that's too soft to hold its shape and the diamond pattern of baby alpaca keeps collapsing on itself.

 photo mitts2_zps76c85383.jpg

Enter the new main color yarn, and one of my favorites: Malabrigo in the colorway of Azul Profundo!

 photo mitts3_zpsa017af47.jpg

Once this yarn comes in, then I'll restart the mittens. I'm sure that it will work out swimmingly as the Malabrigo is soft, but more firm than the baby alpaca.