Saturday, July 12, 2014

Updating and Frogging

For a while now (over two years) I've thought about adding a collar to the Peacock Shrug I knit eons ago. This thought would flit around my brain every time I wore it during the fall or spring, but then forgot about it when it was washed and packed away for a season.

 photo IMG_5674_zps2b43feb0.jpg

Today I needed a break from boards review, and decided to once-and-for-all pull out the items I had marked to frog, reskein the yarn, wash it, and then pack it away for future use of the yarn. I came across a "shoulder shawl" I had made from some acrylic sky-blue yarn and some of the leftover Peackcock hand-spun yarn from said shrug.

 photo IMG_5671_zps2dafc53d.jpg

I couldn't decide on the color for the stitching together, so chose some leftover Malabrigo Silky Merino in turquoise and the Handmaiden Sea Silk in the pumpkin (bronze) I had knit the baby sweater.

 photo IMG_5670_zps0b03d180.jpg

 photo IMG_5678_zps073205eb.jpg

Tank was of no help...

 photo IMG_5677_zps48d31c7b.jpg

I'm quite pleased with the results!

 photo IMG_5680_zpsefe0b18b.jpg

 photo IMG_5683_zpsb9e720a5.jpg

Tank was her usual snoozy self.

 photo IMG_5689_zpsed515915.jpg

"Dude, it's Malabrigo. I'm supposed to resist napping on it?"

And for your viewing pleasure, one of my roses from the garden...

 photo IMG_5694_zps32da0cfe.jpg

 photo IMG_5697_zps92349222.jpg