Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cold, Warm, Cooler, Warmer, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain...

Welcome to autumn in the Midwest!

I did some fall cleaning of my to-do list for knitting, updated my plans for 2015 projects list, and cleaned up my WIPs piles around the ranch.

Currently, I have a length-wise scarf in silk yarn and camel/silk yarn that's just monkey knitting. I take to places/gatherings were I do more talking than paying attention to the pattern.

And then I have this in the works, based on the Women's Shrug Bolero Jacket. It's more a vest, and it's made out of local alpaca wool, spun with bits of merino wool. I've added a few inches to each panel as "the girls" are much larger than any of the models I've seen wearing the shrug/vest.

I've said it before, I'm not one for "mock cables." However, this? It's actually quite nice in the patterned panel.

 photo 10265525_941286602553982_3258328199030447878_o_zps3578d9e4.jpg

 photo 10649078_940713165944659_6691985519418616371_o_zpsbf34b3c7.jpg

 photo IMG_4350_zps1a183639.jpg

 photo IMG_4364_zps72d40816.jpg