Monday, December 21, 2015

And This Concludes The 2015 Knitting Season

Not as much as I had hoped to knit, but due to various issues, I think this is a decent list of finished items.

January 24 - Two-Cup Teapot Cozy (me)
January 25 - Mug Cozy (me)
January 31 - Mug Cover/Cozy (Elaine)
February 7 - Redwood Boot Toppers (me)
March 4 - Veg Hat (Veronica)
June 6 - Sideways Scarf (me)
June 18 - Baby M Sweater (baby M)
September 7- Acadia Cap (me)
October 12 - Well-dressed Poultry sweater vest and scarf (Leslie)
December 12 - Toddler Pullover (Dawson)
December 20 - Blue Tulips Baby Sweater (Hendrix)

Whatever you may celebrate this holiday season, peace and love to you and yours!

 photo holiday_zpsi2nwmuob.jpg