Sunday, April 24, 2016

Oh, Shiny!

Once upon a few years ago, quite a few years ago, I bought some lovely iridescent blue beads from a shop in Coralville during a knitting group outing.

 photo beads2_zps0d156947.jpg

 photo beads 3_zpsi4qkmtso.jpg

 photo beads 4_zpscsfjihuv.jpg

And promptly stored them away. And forgot about them.

Then I came across a pattern for beaded knit bracelets. And it captivated me, so I got the pattern, stored it away for later. And forgot about it.

Somewhere in all this lag time between purchasing, storing, and forgetting my items, I finished my master's degree and switched careers. Then night shift work began, so knitting has been sporadic (as you may have noticed) and usually deadline heavy to get it done.

The few scarves I was knitting are gorgeous and luscious to feel while knitting them, but I wanted a quick knit to get me through the next few weeks. I was going through my Ravelry page and the knitted bracelet pattern was in my library, then I got to thinking about beads I had already.


 photo beads c_zpsitht8fez.jpg

 photo beads b_zps0x1fpwoy.jpg

 photo beads a_zpsut7hnejx.jpg

 photo beads 2_zpsv7lrog6j.jpg

And it's a good weekend to be bead knitting.

 photo beads 1_zpsko3thrhc.jpg