Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm not sure if I smacked a llama, booted an alpaca, or yelled at a kashmir goat in a former life...or maybe I accidentally ate a vicuña or guanaco in a former life. Karma kicks me in the ass every single time I try to knit lace projects, no matter how simple.

It began with this gorgeous yarn: Wolf Creek Wool's Bliss yarn.


To knit this rather simple, lovely shawl: Tuch / shawl *SunsetXL* by Birgit Freyer.

First attempt: I couldn't figure out the charting because I was over-thinking it. I needed no less than three of the fierce women of the SnB to explain it to me.

Second attempt: I knit with size 4US needles. So tight, I can't tell the stitches from one another. So I went up to size 5US needles. Still kind of tight, but I can work with it.

Third attempt: In trying to figure out the lace pattern on the edge, I re-read the pattern info on Ravelry, and realize I should be knitting these on size 7US needles.