Tuesday, January 01, 2013


About time that 2012 fucked off. It was a terrible year for too many of my friends and family. And 2013, we're expecting better from you.

The knitting was about on target for what I wanted to complete in 2012, even with a few unexpected knitting requests:

January 9 - Friend's Crocheted Scarf
January 15 - Friend's Knitted Scarf
January 22 - Thankful Scarf
February 5 - The Guy's Socks
February 26 - Gift Scarf
April 19 - Swirly Cap
May 15 - Lace Cap
June 5 - Sharky the Mittens
June 21 - Dead Fish Hat I
July 22 - Dead Fish Hat II
October 14 - Two Color Cardigan
October 20 - Reward Scarf
November 2 - Ridged Helmet Hat
November 16 - Just A Hat
December 9 - Simply Lovely Shawl
December 18 - K-all Scarf

The knitting project right now is the Slightly Beyond Basic Wrap I'm knitting for a colleague:






The projects that I have slated for the rest of winter/spring:

*Treads (mine)

Tuch/Shawl (Lucy)

*Slightly Beyond Basic Wrap (Steph)

*Cloisonne (Doreen)

Shark Hat (Rose)

*Hot (mine)

Steelers Hat (Karen)

Dead Fish Hat III (Cathy)

Princess Scarf (Seneca)

Aran Cable Wrap (Elaine)

*In progress