Saturday, April 13, 2013

So Many Hands, Yet So Many Boxes Left

On the one hand, I'm grateful my moving budget is as small as it is due to the numerous quality boxes I get from work:

 photo IMG_5049_zps6a8c097c.jpg

On the other hand, so many boxes left to pack:

 photo IMG_5047_zps76ce9774.jpg

 photo IMG_5050_zps33f8ad8e.jpg

As well as the three huge boxes of books that need to be donated to the Friends of the Library for their sale in October:

 photo IMG_5051_zps9fba5997.jpg

Also? Seven baskets in excellent condition that I have no use for and no reason to continue holding on to any longer. Perhaps a Goodwill donation so someone can pop some tags:

 photo IMG_5052_zps7535c0c0.jpg

I always felt my knitting studio was my happy place, it's even more so for the lack of crap to sort through and pack...

 photo IMG_5044_zps9f606384.jpg

This is where I hide out and remind myself that the sooner I get the bulk of this packing done during this spring-that-resembles-early winter, there's more time for socializing, knitting, movies, and reading in the evenings and weekends when the weather becomes a real spring and summer.