Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sort And Pack Smackdown - I Win!

Just 12 hours of work results in this:

 photo IMG_5041_zps07e3a691.jpg

 photo IMG_5042_zpsa10b9c26.jpg

 photo IMG_5043_zps83bf02c0.jpg

 photo IMG_5044_zps9f606384.jpg

The futon is ready for guests staying with me during their visits for the next few months:

 photo IMG_5045_zps99bb7aa8.jpg

Trust me, that closet is *well* organized!

 photo IMG_5046_zpsc2b14fe2.jpg

Some of the things that are still out either I'll be using in the next few months or I'm waiting on getting larger boxes for them due to odd sizes.