Saturday, July 20, 2013

Busy Week - Oh Shiny!

I am so happy to see the hind-end of this past week disappear down the road. Too busy, but it seems that would be my fault. Out having fun with friends and doing a few extra errands after work while the weather is wonderful. (Winter will be here soon enough and all I'll do is hold up inside until civilized weather returns.)

A friend received her mini-hoodie for her cell phone and posted photos:

 photo 1074886_10151809991859703_455270246_o_zps5fb83dbc.jpg

 photo 1073962_10151809991854703_1235275275_o_zps0c088078.jpg

 photo 1073962_10151809991849703_362079307_o_zps076f6187.jpg

 photo 1074226_10151809991844703_1435208229_o_zps738358c1.jpg

 photo 1077142_10151809991864703_1795079877_o_zps9eeca615.jpg

To refresh your memories, this is the yarn I used in the pattern:

 photo IMG_5327_zpsaf2fd93e.jpg

I'm so glad that I cabled those sleeves. I think the next one that I do will be cabled throughout the sweater and the sleeves.

And I've been given some beautiful blue beads, so I'm going to give this pattern a shot.