Tuesday, July 23, 2013



 photo 2013-07-23185947_zpsa478ae21.jpg

Ever come across an example of your very favorite color that was just the absolute height of its absolute allure for you?

This colorway by Cascade is it - #813, known among certain knitters unofficially as "Tardis Blue."

 photo 2013-07-231900191_zps0e550eee.jpg

Hell's bells, I think I need a cig.

Info on the yarn:

 photo 2013-07-23190118_zpsd5626fee.jpg

 photo 2013-07-23190149_zps1796e621.jpg

Huh? Oh, yeah. This is the project I'm using it for, sort of as I'm going to convert it over into a regluar scarf, not a shawl, and then send it to a friend in the U.K.