Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nip, Tuck, Stitch, Weave

A friend has a beloved sweater that was in need of some TLC and patching.

 photo IMG_1008_zps38cbfb97.jpg

 photo IMG_1007_zps097132ff.jpg

 photo IMG_1006_zpsae7de802.jpg

 photo IMG_1009_zpscb02b8f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1010_zps4054e6bc.jpg

So out came the tools...

 photo IMG_1005_zpsd914fbc2.jpg

It was a challenge. The yarn is hand-spun singles, and quite fragile as it's not a tight spin on the yarn. I ended up having to replace the missing yarn with a wool/linen blend. The rest of the repairs were thankfully minor.

 photo IMG_0997_zps9f9d3af0.jpg

 photo IMG_1002_zps8af73e7b.jpg

 photo IMG_1045_zpsed0aa8d8.jpg

 photo IMG_1043_zps8d2bd21b.jpg

 photo IMG_1037_zps14bd898f.jpg