Saturday, February 01, 2014

No Knitting Here, Move Along

I mean, I am knitting, but there's really nothing to see at the moment.

I'm starting repair work on a friend's sweater from some leftover yarns in my stash.

I'm working on the re-knit of my cashmere scarf because I was bored with the pattern I had knit a few years ago with it.

I've a baby sweater that needs to morph into a toddler sweater, so it's been frogged, the yarn washed, and rested, then wound into yarn cakes. Ready for the needles once again.

Then there's the holiday gift knitting that I hope to finish by March 1st.

In the meantime, here's some Tank to distract you from the lack of knitting photos:

 photo cutieTank_zps1e6e3e8a.jpg

 photo tankandsoup_zps4c3cf6f7.jpg

 photo snoozingTankJanuary2014_zpsef343e8f.jpg

 photo marrowbone_zpscde28518.jpg

 photo meandtank_zps4111a39b.jpg

 photo smile_zps0394ccc9.jpg

And yes, it's still cold. Snow. Wind. Winter around here. Still.

 photo coldandnaps_zps14c80752.jpg