Monday, August 17, 2015

So Many Days Later, So Little Knitting

The hell. The last time I remember it was June, wait, July? This is what starting a different job will do to you...

Anyway, knitting has fallen to the side while I get used to the new gig. I've been fixated on Time Team with Tony Robinson ("Baldrick" from Blackadder series) videos on YouTube when I get off work and I'm perfecting my yoga form called "slug." Or my face has been buried in a book.

I'm not feeling the knitting because I've also reknit this same bit of yarn four freaking times now. It's going to be, some day, some way, a wrap for a friend of mine. I've tried several different patterns and then fell back to the standard:

Row 1 - K2tog, YO to end
Rows 2-4 - knit all

It's nothing terribly exciting, but I found I actually knit about 3 repeats while watching the Time Team last night as they dug up the grounds around some of Britain's royal palaces.

Here, stitchmarker pr0n shot for you. My glass sheep:

Meanwhile, I'm no longer angry with the Shark Hat I tried to knit earlier this year. Then there's the Steelers hat for another friend I want to get to her before football season really gets underway... And I've a pair of thrummed mittens I want to cast on in the next few weeks for a friend. I'd like her to have them before May 2016. And for some reason, I was stroking the sock yarn for a pair of socks this winter for me...remember this skein?

Yeah, I know. We'll see what actually happens in the next few months.