Saturday, September 10, 2016

And Then I Fell Down Into A Yarn Swoon

I enjoy and loathe Facebook. I enjoy my friends and family on the site, I like the humorous bits, I like seeing friends' projects and hobbies. I loathe the ads. And the honey trap ads get me every time. As a knitter, you may recognize those honey traps: gorgeous items knit up in sumptous yarns.

I fell for Tejido Cowl.

The next thing I know, I'm on Jimmy Beans site. Then WEBS site. All to get my next yarn hit.

We will not dicuss the stash previously posted.

The first yarn I thought would be delicious to have was called "Garnet Brooch." And it looked jewel-tone in the many photos I saw online.

It should have been called "Scratched garnet brooch in a mud puddle." Or "Dried Newt blood." Or "Faded brick dust."

This is what it looked like online:

 photo garnet_zpsjvaxd0cv.jpg

This is what it looked like in reality:

 photo dried blood_zpskeg7zwva.jpg

So I returned that yarn and dug into my stash and came up with a purchase from Midwest Stitches Conference a few years ago:

 photo c6_zps4urwozds.jpg

 photo c5_zpsosrkv67r.jpg

 photo c4_zpsjcenxwhm.jpg

And Jimmy Beans did not disappoint in the dark skein that I ordered:

 photo c8_zpsaufx1lgq.jpg

 photo c7_zps2oe3jusr.jpg

 photo c3_zpsfo89o0fs.jpg

 photo c2_zpsokwtsbbn.jpg

I've two other projects to finish, then I cast on for this project!