Monday, January 02, 2017

Getting Back To The Spin

Handling all the beautiful roving, I pulled out the Spindolyn and started practicing my spinning once again. So far, not too bad. Another couple of hours (like 20-40 hrs) and I should be back where I was once before.

 photo s1_zpsdz9zyrqe.jpg

 photo s2_zpsgfwitqpy.jpg

 photo s3_zpswexqo16u.jpg

 photo s4_zpsy5po5wyz.jpg

 photo s5_zps6z1zk6mx.jpg

 photo s6_zpseqzeg9xj.jpg

 photo s7_zpsdhb185tx.jpg

 photo s8_zpss57rm02u.jpg

 photo s9_zpsw6pcouv6.jpg