Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pouty McPouty

People think just because the Tanks's a basset hound with itty-bitty legs, she's a little thing...no. She's a full hound in length, breadth, and body weight. Tank is 48 lbs of stubborn basset hound love.

And she labors under the delusion she's a teacup poodle and a lapdog to boot.

Tank would prefer to take up her lounging position on my lap when I'm reading or just kicking back with some PBS or a movie. Not a problem.

The problem is that she sees no difference when I'm trying to knit. So I have to shoo her off to the side and let her lie against me. Not good enough.

Look at that face:


Yes, she had stuffed her face into my project bag:


Finally, after 40 minutes of whining, sighing, shifting about, she just pushed through all my things, and had a lie down on me and the knitting.

Tank is an appropriate nickname, I think...