Sunday, April 17, 2011


This was two weeks ago, when it was 83F degrees around here, mild breeze, and sunshine...I took the Tank for a stroll.

Here she is nibbling grass:


Yes, she's nibbling even *more* grass. She labors under the delusion she's a Holstein (I think it's her spots that confuse the Tank).


What's puzzling is that she's allergic to grass (and pollen, and mold, and spider bites, and chiggers, and possibly bees and wasps) and yet she continues to nibble on grass with no stomach upset. It's like one long salad buffet for the Tank - and she only eats the newest shoots of grass, too.

Rest after all that snacking (and running about like a maniac, and rolling in the grass):


Luckily, I have a great vet and we've got the Tank on fairly mild allergy meds from spring through the first hard frost. As well as oatmeal shampoo for her baths.

While Tank is resting, I get in some great bare-foot, toe-scrunching of fresh, cool grass time:


Meanwhile, I've not done any knitting. I did cast on a baby blanket and I've got the yarn finally for a cotton sun hat for a baby gift. I may do that today when I finish with my homework.