Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rolling Along

Life has not been very groovy in Sumo Knitter Land. More medical tests. I have the Ick. On round two of meds. Stress at several levels from various sources - work isn't the only culprit.

So today was Gran duty day, which went better than usual in the time management area. It was so much better that I was able to come home and take a much needed (and lusted for) nap with the Tank.

And I was lucky enough to finish a pressing item or two on my long list for today. However, part of the suckage this week is the laundry room isn't working at my complex. The Gran graciously offered me the use of her washer and dryer tonight when we were doing the "bananas in a bag" gig, so I took her up on it. I loathe the laundromat.

One of the many nice things about hanging at the Gran's is that I'm sort of forced to leave work, college, etc. at home since she doesn't have internet connection and I'm not about to type a 1,000 word report on my BB. This means knitting time:


Yes, since the lace cardigan has miles of 2x2 ribbing that's dragging me down, I slapped another pair of socks on the SNA needles and took off today with them to the Gran's:


The yarn is from a Tucson store, Purls, when I visited out there in February. It's from Pagewood Farms, "Alyeska."

And even if my day is just shit from one end to the other, Iris never fails to cheer me up a bit, hanging out with the Buddha on my dining table.