Thursday, June 23, 2011

There Went Those 6 Hours

I had a sleep study last night.

If it weren't the pea-sized globules of adhesive squishing around on my skull that anchors the electrodes/skull wires whenever I moved my head or the finger monitor with the red-eye of death beaming out in the dark room, it was the nose/mouth torture device that was prohibiting sleep.

It's just like a nose tube for oxygen, except there's a small flap that comes down in front of your mouth - so up the nose and in front of your lips to measure air flow (or lack of), if you don't rip it off by hour 2 of your study, that is...I mean, honestly, in this age of bluetooth technology and virtual colonoscopies, a tube up your nose and wires stuck all over you is the best we can do?

I did manage four hours of sleep, so it wasn't a wasted night, but I had to remain in bed until the entire six-hour cycle of the test had elapsed. Instead of going home at 3 am to the comfort of my own bed, I had to lie around for another two hours. *sigh*

As I mentioned elsewhere, I came home with no makeup, hair all jacked up, strange markings on my face, rumpled clothing, missing my bra, exhausted, and craving carbs when I got home. It was like coming home from one of the best parties ever, except for the fun of participating in such a party...

Today has been an odd mix of napping, knitting, and watching 3rd Rock From The Sun. Tank has been hanging out with me, keeping pace with all the napping quite well, thank you.