Sunday, May 27, 2012

Too Hot!

No, that's not a reference to my person or any project I'm currently plugging away on today, but the actual weather around here. You just never know which Memorial Holiday Weekend weather you'll experience around here. We've either got your "shades of things to come for this summer" with above-normal temps, high humidity, and the attendant bugs or you've got "fooled ya, it's not summer yet" with below-normal temps, continual drizzle or steady rain. This year, it's the "shades of summer."

Now, to knitting content. I'm almost done with the right hand of Sharky the Mittens. I have a thumb to knit, then it will be on to the fins and mouth.

Meanwhile, I wanted to knit a hat for a good friend while she and the husband hit the slopes for their annual ski vacation. She's a huge Steelers fan, and luckily enough I found that Berroco has colorway to match the team colors:


I'm going to knit her the adult size of the Top Knot Hat.

Finally, y'all know I'm not that big into spinning wheels. However, if I were so inclined to get myself one, I think this would be it:

It's compact, easy to use, and very portable. I may have to think about possibly adding this to the graduation present wish list...