Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time To Learn Something

It's been 3 months since I finished my master's degree program.

In addition to brushing up on my Spanish language skills (mis habilidades son pobres), I've decided to increase my knowledge of crocheting.

I can do the basics of crochet. Nothing elaborate, just some trim on knitting projects or a very simple crocheted wrap or scarf.

Now, I want to do this bad boy. I know. I'm practically a basket of crazy snakes for jumping into a complicated pattern immediately.

It's going to take some patience, swearing, and hand holding by an expert to get me through this project.

I bought the supplies:

 photo IMG_5107_zps2234ca47.jpg

 photo IMG_5112_zps27cf59aa.jpg

 photo IMG_5108_zps08094702.jpg

 photo IMG_5109_zps103adbb5.jpg

 photo IMG_5110_zpsf6553796.jpg

I couldn't resist a new project bag:

 photo IMG_5106_zpsc3bccad3.jpg