Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Abandon All Hope

It arrived.

 photo IMG_5123_zpsdc748f83.jpg

 photo IMG_5127_zps00de9f3c.jpg

I always get so silly-happy to see the Royal Mail stamp!

 photo IMG_5125_zps63733492.jpg

What this does *not* say is "crochet pattern of doom for a knitter - turn back now!"

 photo IMG_5126_zps180bdfea.jpg

So nicely and neatly packaged and on beautiful paper stock:

 photo IMG_5128_zpsc0533809.jpg

 photo IMG_5129_zpsae667953.jpg

And there are *five* pages and *no* charts. I'm pretty sure in there are the shorthand phrases for "weep uncontrollably at your knitter's I-want-to-learn-to-crochet-the-most-difficult-pattern-right-out-of-the-gate enthusiasm," followed by "take sewing needle and poke out own eyes for your idiocy." This is what I imagine the pattern will look like after I'm done weeping and gnashing my teeth (also? It's copyrighted material, no looksies):

 photo IMG_5130_zps8ca53eff.jpg

The yarn is wound, the project bag is stocked.

I'm going in...