Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dead. Dead. Dead. Oh, Pretty!

This pattern is dead to me.

 photo IMG_5128_zpsc0533809.jpg

I paid for a lesson in crochet to do this pattern. Upon getting about 3% into the pattern, I thought I was going to lose my mind. It was all written out in long-hand. No chart.
I can't believe I paid for a complex pattern without inquring if it was charted.

I conferred with people who know these sorts of things, and basically it was agreed upon that it was written like an Algebraic word problem.

I loathe Algebra.

Done. Dead. Gone.

I've gone on to Plan B with my crochet tutor. I believe it will *not* end in tears.

Meanwhile, I bought yarn to cheer me up - from Knit & Knot:

 photo IMG_5136_zps496bdedc.jpg

It's going to be a crocheted and knitted rectangle shawl for me. I love the Plymouth Baby Alpaca, as always, soft and lush. What surprised me was being stupid with yarn lust over the bling Tiara yarn (colorway: Iris Blue).

 photo IMG_5137_zps53002b76.jpg

 photo IMG_5139_zps34ff5ccc.jpg

 photo IMG_5138_zps490b4e04.jpg

So. Pretty.

 photo IMG_5142_zps0cc8298c.jpg

 photo IMG_5141_zpsa0c9ed71.jpg

 photo IMG_5140_zps5e71e96e.jpg

Also, I found this at Knit & Knot. Cool, no?

 photo IMG_5132_zps37486223.jpg

 photo IMG_5134_zps4642f5ad.jpg

 photo IMG_5135_zps620a3854.jpg