Saturday, November 02, 2013


*Dead On Finishing

I love the Dead Fish Hats. This is the third one that I've knit for someone. It was a belated gift for my "adopted" daughter, Jenny (the Child O'Mine's BF).

 photo doa1_zps3f041dea.jpg

 photo doa2_zps7128e8b8.jpg

 photo doa3_zpse80888ab.jpg

 photo doa4_zps73102a96.jpg

 photo doa5_zps08527c19.jpg

Even Tank loves a good Dead Fish Hat:

 photo doa6_zpsccc18c42.jpg

The only change with this one was sewing on the eyes instead of using fabric glue:

 photo IMG_5356_zps873984c9.jpg

 photo IMG_5358_zps18d1b37d.jpg

 photo IMG_5359_zpsfb9dcb67.jpg

 photo IMG_5365_zpsed157f80.jpg

 photo IMG_5363_zps58ef2813.jpg

 photo IMG_5366_zpsf24122ce.jpg

Jenny was quite happy with it:

 photo IMG_5423_zpsbb468daf.jpg

 photo IMG_5424_zps105591c4.jpg

 photo IMG_5426_zps3a37aaa0.jpg

 photo IMG_5427_zps6fa8eedb.jpg

* * *

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