Tuesday, December 17, 2013


One of the nice things about holiday gift knitting is that I (usually) get people involved in their gift. Hat, gloves, mittens, or scarf? What size/length/width/circumference? What favorite color(s)? And sometimes, what design?

It also helps that friends have come to expect that their holiday gift will never be ready at the Christmas holiday. In fact, the "holiday" in the holiday gift knitting means "after the New Year holiday" and that takes a load of self-deception and pressure off of me. And they get one more gift after the holidays are done. WIN-WIN! (You're welcome.)

Right now, it's the Shark-Tastic! mittens for the girly girl, which I will have done on the Christmas holiday.

 photo mitts_zps70ca6d88.jpg

Then there's fingerless mittens, earband wamers, scarves, hats, and a pair of wool/alpaca socks for gift knitting after the holidays.

Meanwhile, I'm lining up my first of two "thanks for being awesome" gifts for two friends.

Scarf one of Tricor Lux:

 photo photo4_zps955a34f9.jpg

 photo photo2_zps5b50ee51.jpg

 photo photo5_zpsc3f7ea20.jpg

 photo photo1_zpsc64254c9.jpg

And it turns into a ruffled scarf, you can see it here.

Scarf two of Cascade 220 worsted:

 photo yarns-2.jpg

And my reward is to knit up the plaid scarf by Franklin Habit for myself:

 photo photo1_zps6c383a31.jpg