Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Finished!

The beginning of the year, I was busy with work, college classes, internship, and family, as well as beginning to pack and job search for moving out West.

I managed to pull off knitting a few items for a couple of my favorite counselors that I worked with during the internship (they're still my favorites).

 photo IMG_4677_zps698d5b63.jpg

 photo IMG_4784_zpsa6e58054.jpg

I fell down the rabbit hole of knitting cell phone cozies, aka iHoodie/iPhoodie.

 photo LL7_zpsc5206600.jpg

Then there was the whole "aborted move out West" and "stay in the Midwest but move to a smaller, quieter apartment" gig this year.

 photo 2013-01-26144030_zps362819c4.jpg

 photo IMG_20130125_181353_zpsdcdf95d8.jpg

 photo IMG_4864_zpsdca9489d.jpg

 photo knit_zps498b3da1.jpg

November and December were probably productive because the weather was crap, and I snuggled down on the couch with my knitting.

 photo photo2_zpse37ea297.jpg

All in all, I think it was a decent year of knitting. I have more knitting planned for 2014 since I won't be spending so much time packing, traveling, and unpacking.

Here's to a healthy, prosperous, and happy 2014 - Happy New Year!

January 6 - Slightly Beyond Basic Wrap
February 11 - Scrunchie Hat
February 24 - Bears striped hat
May 17 - Simple Scarf
May 27 - Treads
July 4 - iHoodie
July 9 - iHoodie 2
August 10 - iHoodie 8
August 15 - iHoodie7
August 18 - iHoodie 4
August 20 - iHoodie 3
August 27 - iHoodie 5
September 2 - iHoodie 6
September 15 - iHoodie 9
October 3 - Reading Wrap
November 1 - Dead Fish Hat III
November 12 (11/12/13!) - Bruce Refaire Scarf
November 16 - Glazed Carrot Hat
November 19 - Easy Fingerless Mittens
November 24 - Lengthwise Scarf
December 5 - Easy Fingerless Mittens
December 14 - Knitted Dishcloths and A Crocheted Pot Scrubber
December 24 - Dead Fish Hat's Santa Hat
December 28 - Shark-Tastic! Mittens