Sunday, November 23, 2014

That's A Bit More Like It

The January weather disappeared on Friday afternoon, and November weather came back cool (but normal temps) and bringing with it rain. Next week it looks as though late December/early January will be returning.

No time to get down about it! I've my window insulation kit *and* I'm holiday gift knitting for some favorite people. Right now, it's this hat. And we all know I love some beautiful texture knitting.

At first, the hat and I had some terse discussions. I posted yesterday: "Just three rows in on *Beauregard's cabled band, and already I've dropped the "Fuck! Fuck! Fuggity fuck fuck!" curse bomb for doing the wrong stitch sequence. This is going to be a very trying pattern." (*If I'm going to be spending a lot of time fondling the yarn and cursing, the hat needed a name.)

However, Beauregard isn't as fiddly a pattern as I believed when I was ready to set fire to the pattern yesterday. (Set fire to the pattern, *never* the yarn, it's not the yarn's fault in my home. Ever.) And while it's not nearly as fiddly, as with a new lover, it wants more of my attention than a regular old right-twist cable. So I put aside my DVDs and television remote, and queued up my favorite podcasts.

The Malabrigo Silky Merino is Matisse Blue. *sigh*

 photo yarn1_zpsef07e364.jpg

This is point I dropped the megaton fuck bomb on Beauregard. Then abandoned it on the table to go make some bread.

 photo yarn3_zps2fb48ee6.jpg

And here we are happily knitting along after some time apart.

 photo yarn4_zps9e0bda45.jpg

I'm done with the first repeat, only seven or eight more to go.

 photo yarn5_zps95a476d4.jpg

This was Tank after her bath on Friday evening. I think it may be the usual huddle position for us this winter:

 photo Tanksleep_zps059eb77d.jpg