Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Freud vs Jung

Last night I dreamed of Solomon again.


I usually dream of him about once every few months. And usually it's a memory dream from the years that I had with him. Some happy, some sad.

Last night, he spoke to me in my dream. We were sitting on a couch type lounger on a rolling lawn that led to elaborate gardens. Everything was in full bloom, lush, greens and various colors of flowers.


I sighed as I looked out over the grounds and said: "I'm ready for this whole stupid load of crap to be over already."

Solomon, stretched out on the couch, just flipped his head around and said: "At least Tank isn't as high strung as I am. You'd *really* have problems then."

To which I replied without missing a beat: "No shit."

I did *not* wake up thinking, HOLY CRAP! The dog could talk! or OMG I'm now dreaming of talking animals! or even that my trolley was jumping its tracks.

No. What I thought when I first woke up was, "the boy is too fucking right, good thing Tank isn't as high strung as he was..."