Sunday, May 15, 2011

New yarn, new new project yet.

So, I fell in love with the Origami Cardigan from Interweave Press. Go, look, I'll wait...

Of course, after doing a bit of research online (as I mentioned before) within Ravelry, I noticed I'd need more yarn than I bought previously.

It arrived from Jimmy Beans this week, and taking it out to the sunlight we had earlier this week, I couldn't tell a huge difference in the colorway. I think I'll use it for the main sweater hem, the berry in a basket pattern.

Also, my SNA needles arrived, the size 8 US circulars they recently released. Don't they look great with this yarn?


This photo's more true for the colorway and the color of the needles, too:


However, I'm still chugging along on the baby carrier blanket for the cousin, and then when that's complete, I'm going to knit me a monster.

After that? Well, I've a pair of fingerless mitts to knit for a friend in the UK, then a pair of gnome mittens to knit for a friend in Canada (because apparently I'm insane, and she's a very good friend).

Then it's a baby sweater for Enzo, and one for a friend's baby due in June.

There will also be a monster in between those projects, guarantee..