Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Sign?

I came home from SnB this evening to find this:


Now, I gather her chewed up marrow bones and throw them away before she gets a new one.

I have no idea where these were hidden.


I thought a lot of things when I saw them:

1. Tank is so clever! A sort of basset diorama of Stonehenge!

2. Tank is back to her Frankencow project.

3. Tank has taken up algebra.

Then I realized, it may just be the basset equivalent to a mafioso sign: "You'll be chilling with the cows" aka "sleeping with the fishes."


Tank tried to distract me when I got too close the truth....


Nope, no sign. Just going over my horde of cow love.


Oh look, a belly needs rubbing...


Okay, no belly rub, that's cool. Aren't you getting sleepy from abandoning me so, going to SnB and hanging with your yarn friends? Why not go lie down for a while, I'll watch after things here, and even clean out the freezer for you.