Sunday, January 22, 2012


All Tank, No Knitting - if you're here for knitting today or even a bit of rogue crocheting action, you'll be disappointed.

I actually had my camera on hand when Tank decided to play around two nights ago.

Her idea of playing, besides running around doing the Basset 500 in the apartment, is “I am biting your bed.” I have no idea why she does this, but it started about 9-10 months ago. Tank doesn’t rip it or tug it, just really bites down on the comforter through the protective (old) bed sheet. She sticks her face under a blanket or pillow, bites at the bed then begins to bark - loudly.

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!
Bark! Bark! Bark!

After she's worn herself out doing this game, then it's time to roll around on her back, grunting loudly. When Tank finishes this action, she lies on her side, sighing at me until I pet her.

Rub the belly. Now.

And it's Tank's habit to be in the same room I am in, at all times. If she's kept out for any reason, she will whine at a level that will make you want to tear your ears out of of your head. Ask me how I know... I spend quite a bit of time in my studio, working on binding books/journals, knitting or sorting through knitting projects, studying and writing papers. I bought a bed for her to sleep in since the floor can be drafty during the late fall/winter/early spring seasons. The girl likes her pillows:

Being undeniably adorable is taxing work. I need my beauty naps.

In fact, the girl loves *my* pillows, too. Even a pillow I use for my back support that happens to be half-hanging off a couch.

If you would lay it on my bed, I wouldn't have to jack my neck around like this, you know.

Yeah, little wonder I'm stupid with dog love for the Tank.