Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hey! I'm busy, um, *working* over here!

I have been, honest. I just may have been unduly influenced by a certain Yarn Harlot on this day and perhaps on this day.

And this may have shown up in my email.

Or this may have ended up on my table at home.


I have to go now. I have a baby sweater to finish knitting so I can give it a bath and block it. I have a lunch date with the mommy and the baby girl I'm knitting it for...

I was thinking in the shower - I'm like that, rogue thinking *all over the place* - wouldn't it be awesome if you had special Eucalan soap that if you wanted a certain baby sweater that you just adore, to grow into your size while its in the bath? I mean, sure, adult sweaters are cool, but I'm built like a line backer for the Steelers, but a lot less butch. It takes *forever* to knit myself a sweater that isn't made of rope and takes 12 minutes to complete...and looks like ass and/or a bad outfit for an S&M sailor on me.

Hey, it was just a thought, okay?

By the way, I adore Jenny. I don't give a damn who knows it.