Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

And it's none too warm and cozy on the floor of my apartment.

There's a rather drafty slider door to my balcony which remains locked tight during the winter, but the cold just rolls in from the bottom of the frame, even with a rug banked against it. This means the Tank shivers quite a bit while hanging out with me as I work on homework, cook, write, screw around on the 'net...and this is when we hang together on the couch:


Can't see anything but a lump of blanket? Here, this is all that's showing, her cute little nose:


So, I found several heated dog pads/beds online and did some research. The best reviews I found and one that was on sale in a local store was put out by Allied Precision.


She didn't leave the dog bed/pad all evening, especially when I threw her dog blanket over her.

January with its protracted deep cold and winds makes it *really* uncomfortable. I basically abandon my living room and hide in my studio which is smaller and has a regular window that I have covered. However, that Tank stays in the living room during the day, so I ordered an indoor sweater for the Tank after my numerous failures in knitting her one.

A friend was razzing me about my having such a "wardrobe" for the Tank, and then the heated pad, to which I replied: "Do you know how much money I had wrapped up in her and her care prior to these items? This is my way of protecting my investment." To which she replied: "Oh bullshit, you're still just stupid in dog love for her!" and laughed.

All I could do was smile.