Friday, December 31, 2010

Adios, 2010 - Hola 2011!

In reviewing projects I knit this past year, and actually finished, and believe me there weren't that many of them...this is probably my most favorite item:


It's the Tulips Baby Cardigan but done in 100% silk for that special girl N. up north.

In fact, this year has been so wild and weird, I knit very few items to completion. I think the grand total comes to, hmmm, six: baby sweater, baby blanket, hat (2 of them, as I had to start all over), pug knitted toy, rat scarf. Guess it just shows you that I'm more a knitter of the process than resulting project.

I hope those of you celebrating the New Year's arrival do so safely, and wish you a healthy, prosperous, and happy New Year!

Tank's just hoping to get her marrow bone treat allotment up from one bone per day to two bones per day in 2011.