Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ensemble Complete

Last night we had more snow, so Tank was able to test out the boots. First, we had to get dressed...


Oh holy hell, they're back!

I almost didn't get any photos because I was laughing so hard: Tank would take two steps and do this kind of up-in-the-air jig with her back paws. I can only say that it resembled someone doing bicycle legs while jumping at the same time.

She finally settled down after a few attempts to fling the back boots off and with an application of organic turkey jerky treats, I got this pic:


You will not believe the mess I'm gonna leave in your bed later...

And I had to carry her down the stairs to the entry way, the boots put off her touch so much that she would have broken something trying to navigate them. Once we were outside in a few inches of snow, she was sort of okay with the fact her paws weren't freezing. In fact, between her warm coat and the booties, she frolicked in the snow for 10 minutes before demanding to go inside!

Of course, I had to remove the booties in the entry way, so she could climb the stairs safely. However, they slip off easily enough - and I was very happy with the way they worked on the Tank out in the snow!


This is about 30 minutes and one marrow bone later: