Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Plague

Still feeling the cootie fest, except it's now a party that includes my sinus and ears. Not groovy. So while I wait to go see my doctor today, here's some knitting for you:


That is my second sock of the pair I've been knitting/ignoring since 2009. I'm about to turn the heel.

I'm a little concerned that if I start this sock knitting on a more regular basis, that it will take the plague to get me to (a) turn the heel on them and (b) finish the pair.

I'm going to try to turn the heel tonight, if I'm not having fever dreams again of knitting unraveling while I'm with Keith Richards as he's tearing across a dirt road in a convertible flying high out of his mind. (I'm reading Life on my Reader when not in a coma.)

Meanwhile, some Tank cute to round out this post:

Cool! You're up! Can we go for a walk?

Why are you leaning on the wall like that? If I do it, will I get a treat?!

Wow. You really don't look so hot.

I'm just going to sit over here so you don't fall and hurt me.

Please don't die...I don't know how to get into the freezer for the stash of marrow bones.

* * * *

Officially it's the plague, my test came back positive for strep which also explains the other aches and pains I've been having - so it's time to hit the gods of antibiotics.

Also: another day at home napping and knitting for me (wish I felt better to enjoy the time off more) and no SnB tomorrow evening (boo).